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Simon Waldram - Conchology (2009) CD


Debut album, released in 2009. Features contributions from M.J. Brown, Danny Short and Steven Davies.

14 tracks / 40 minutes:

1. Now I Realise
2. I'm In Love with the Girl From That Film
3. Chance Meeting
4. 'Til I Met You
5. Family Album
6. Treehouse
7. Madeline
8. Friends
9. Blue and Grey
10. Live In the Past
11. Oh Enid
12. What Were You Thinking?
13. On the Moon
14. For Her

From Nottingham music magazine Night Flight, issue 112:

Mansfield singer-songwriter Simon Waldram recently released his album Conchology and there are some real treats from it alongside other material on his MySpace. It's a slow burner, picking up almost a quarter of the way through with the tender ballads 'Til I Met You' and 'Treehouse'. Clearly influenced by cult classic songwriters like the Go-Betweens and the Triffids, Waldram's disc reaches an early peak on 'Family Album' with near pyschedelic guitars giving it an edge.

Waldram is clearly a performer still finding his own voice, but amongst the dirt and dust is crystal clear nostalgic music. Like on 'Madeline' for example, with some beautiful use of keyboards that don't just elevate this track - there are many times they flesh out the sound on this record effectively - slightly surprising for an acoustic work.

If the songs weren't effective, all the instumentation in the world wouldn't save them, but 'Blue and Grey' (which sounds like a Nick Cave outtake circa The Boatsman's Call ) is moving without resorting to sentiment, and 'On the Moon' sounds like he has smoked enough hashish to get there. "One of us is on the moon / but it isn't me and it isn't you", Waldram sings. He isn't that far away.

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