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Latest release: Insolation (Oct 2016)
Next release: Amped Up (Jan 2017)


Conchology (2009, Ferensway)

The CD is available at this site's music store, as well as CDBaby, Pebble Records, Music Pill and CD Unsigned (just follow the links). It can also be downloaded from Bandcamp.

Debut album. Indie pop based and influenced by the Smiths, Fat Tulips, Field Mice, Go-Betweens etc. The late, great Martin Brown performed on 6 tracks, produced 5 and co-wrote For Her. This album simply would not have happened without him. Danny Short also demonstrates his multi-instrumental genius on 3 tracks and What Were You Thinking? was co-written by the brilliant Aussie singer-songwriter Steven Davies.

14 tracks, 40 minutes
Now I Realise / I'm In Love with the Girl From That Film / Chance Meeting / 'Til I Met You / Family Album / Treehouse / Madeline / Friends / Blue and Grey / Live In the Past / Oh Enid / What Were You Thinking? / On the Moon / For Her


The Day the Signal Died (2011, Ferensway)

This album can be downloaded or bought on CD from Bandcamp. The CD is also available from Norman Records and CDBaby, as well as the store on this very site.

The follow up to Conchology was recorded between June 2008 and December 2010. It's a darker album, and more influened by pysch-folk, slowcore, shoegaze etc. Although most of it was recorded at home, quite a lot of work was done on overdubs, mixing and production with Mark Elmore at the Crash Factory, Nottingham. Also Robert Scott added fantastic keyboard arrangements to Falling Down and Another World For You, and Danny Short played some percussion on Another World as well.

10 tracks, 40 minutes:
Falling Down / Dark Bloom / Gravity / City Lights / She Only Wants To Be Your Friend / Life In Flux / Another World For You / In / Pieces / Sweet Dreams

Industrial Skyline (2011, aReW Recordings)

This album can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive or Bandcamp. My profile page on the aReW Recordings website can be found by clicking here. Please check out their other releases too, as it's a really great label.

An instrumental album made in 2010 which focuses on experimental, noise and ambient music. The River was inspired by the compositional approaches of Can and In a Silent Way / Bitches Brew era Miles Davis. Nearly an hour of improvised guitar was recorded, which was then chopped up, processed and re-arranged into one 20 minute piece of music. I found the basic tracks for Maelstrom on my 8-track without having any recollection of recording them.

This album was originally going to be release by the Canadian indie label Scotch Tapes and was influenced by a number of Scotch Tapes associated bands, including My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone, Given Willingly and My TV Hurts. The split tape Love Waffles by Given Willingly and MCPIBTYCP really made me want to create a long, abstract piece of music with shifting moods and textures.

2 tracks, 40 minutes:
The River / Maelstrom


The Space Between (2013, Ferensway)

This album can be downloaded or bought on CD from Bandcamp. The CD is also available on this website's store.

Recorded over a 4 year period and featuring more musicians and contributions from others than any of the albums before it. Some of the songs stretch back a long way. Interaction of Colour is based on an instrumental from 2001, a version of Brushfield Spots was originally recorded during my first time in a real studio (Enmore, NSW, 2008). The Only Way Out Is Through and Losing Myself were recorded during the sessions for The Day the Signal Died, but kept for this album instead. It includes a cover of Steven Davies' Candle Wax, plus songs written with Joyce Davis, Mary Beth Lindqvist and Joan Davis. It also features the talents of Matt Constantine (cello), Rachel Barnes (violin), Peter Yttergren (drums), Robert Scott (keyboards) and Andrew Skelton (keyboards, piano).

12 tracks / 42 minutes:
Brushfield Spots / Distances / Broken Hill / First Day In Spring / Interaction Of Colour / Lowlands / The Only Way Out Is Through / Candle Wax / How To Let Go / Losing Myself / You Can Never Go Home Again / Floating Away

Insolation (2016, self-released)

This album could have been way longer. I wanted to do a 2-hour double CD set for a while. A bunch of songs ended up on the Swalaka split album though while a few more were scrapped. Easily my most varied album musicially - which I guess isn't surprising given that I worked on it on-and-off for 5 years. Car Glass Window & Stuck on a Cloud are different recordings to the ones that appeared on the 2014 23Seconds compilation 'Haven't We Met Before?' "Inside Out" has a different mix and different guitar / vox to the version that appeared on the 2015 EP of the same name.



20 tracks / 59 minutes:
Nebula / Alone In Berlin / Car Glass Window / Stuck On a Cloud / Sea Green / Down at the Beach / Dandelion / Insolation / Resenah / The Room Overlooking the Park / Barely Even Here / En Un Coche / Monochrome / Eris / She Thinks You're a Airport / Inside Out / Lost In the City / Night Embers (sedate version) / 3am / Nebula (reprise)

Singles and EPs:

Live In the Past (2010, Ferensway)
Download for free from Bandcamp  

3 tracks, 9 minutes:
Live In the Past / Family Album (demo) / 'Til I Met You (demo)






Elements (2011, Ferensway)

Download for free from Bandcamp

3 tracks, 9 minutes:
Elements / The Progenitor Star / Mystery Train (Departure)






Another World For You EP (2011, Ferensway)

Download for free from Bandcamp

4 tracks, 19 minutes:
Another World For You / Kiyoto and the Volcano / Luna / Another World For You (Elektronz remix)





How To Let Go
(2012, Ferensway)

Download for free from Bandcamp

3 tracks / 9 minutes
How To Let Go / Everything Fades In Time / Last Kind Words

Cover photograph by Lucia Buffa





Simon Waldram Sings the Snot Patties EP (2013, Awkwardcore Records)

An EP of Snot Patties covers. It can be download for free at Bandcamp.

6 tracks / 15 minutes:
Time to Fly Around / Pennies of the Skies / Secretive Garment / Pyramid Dinosaur / Drive to the Moon / Waiting for the World





Candle Wax (2013, Ferensway)

Candle Wax was written by Steven Davies, Sacred was written by Lamonda Brown and Simon Waldram Download for free from Bandcamp

3 tracks / 11 minutes
Candle Wax / Dust / Sacred



First Day In Spring (2014, Ferensway)

First Day In Spring
is a different version to the one that appeared on The Space Between. This one features strings arranged by Andrew Skelton and played by Pablo Hopenhayn and
Lucas Argomedo. In Rivers She Dreams was recorded live at Kescho's Summer House Party, 31/08/13. The cover photograph was taken by Lucia Buffa. Download for free from Bandcamp.

2 tracks / 7 minutes
First Day In Spring / In Rivers She Dreams (live)

Beware! Vision Vol 1: Simon Waldram 31/08/13 (2015, Beware! Vision)

All songs recorded live at Keshco House, August 2013. Available at Bandcamp and the Free Music Archive

6 tracks / 20 minutes
Thermal Girl / Revolution Summer / In Rivers She Dreams / Family Album / Brushfield Spots / Aim For Me



Inside Out
(2015, 23 Seconds)

5 tracks / 18 minutes
Inside Out / Revolution Summer / Aim For Me / Colliding Circles / Thermal Girl

Released by the Swedish label 23 Seconds and also available on Bandcamp as a free download




I'm Not Batman (2016, Awkwardcore Records)

6 tracks / 17 minutes
Guess Who / My Cat Smells of Carlsberg / Corte Sus Neumanticos / You Got Me Thinking / Valor / Ultimo

My 2nd EP for Awkwardcore, featuring my version of a previously unfinished Snot Patties song, a live Snot Patty cover, a song about a drunk cat (written with Lucia Buffa) and more!




En Un Coche (2016, self-released)

Features a collab with Pleasure Holiday (Julia Fernandez), a Steven Davies cover and a former compilation track.

3 tracks / 9 minutes:
En Un Coche / Cold Heart, Warm Hands / Night Embers (uneasy version)







 Songs Without Words (2010, NSI)
Available for free download at the Negative Sound Institute. There are also some pro-pressed CD-r's available from Bandcamp and this sites' store for £2 plus p&p.

An instrumental album featuring songs recorded between 2004 and 2006. It was originally 2 volumes given away on the Internet Archive, but in 2010 the better tracks were put together with unreleased ones for this free release on the Negative Sound Institute. Gurdonark did the morphing and field recording for Rowing Towards Hope, while Furiousball added additional electric guitar, keyboards and percussion to Elements.


14 tracks, 50 minutes:
Houston Sunday / Endless Blue / Rowing Towards Hope / Elements / Maybe We're Almost Home / Letter To Orkney / Elegy (reconstructed) / Displacement / Only This Moment / Waves / The Brightest Light / Memories of a Storm / The Bird That Flew Halfway Across the Ocean / Wandering Spirits-Houston Monday

Haven't We Met Before? The Songs of Simon Waldram (2014, 23 Seconds)

Compilation featuring songs from the albums, EPs and singles released between 2009 and 2013, plus unreleased versions of Stuck on a Cloud and Car Glass Window. Made available as a free download on 23 Seconds' website (click here) or pay whatever you want on Bandcamp (click here).

15 tracks / 61 minutes:
How To Let Go / Family Album/ Madeline / Secretive Garment / Car Glass Window / Stuck On a Cloud / City Lights / Elegy (reconstructed) / Falling Down / What Were You Thinking? / Sacred / Losing Myself / Another World For You (Elektronz remix) / On the Moon / Wandering Spirits-Houston Monday


t albums, compilation appearances etc:

Split Tape with My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone (2009, Scotch Tapes)

This was a limited issue of 30 copies and is now sold out. Two of my tracks were re-released on the Another World For You single. My side of the tape is also available on Bandcamp. Discogs entry for this release is here

Side A - Simon Waldram: Temporary States / Kiyoto and the Volcano / Luna / Monolith

Side B - MCPIBTYCP: I'm Bored...Let's Make Indy Rock / The Northern Ontario Tourism Board / I'm So Sick Of Dubbing Tapes I Want to SCREAM / Up, Down, Up Down, UP! UP! UP! / Microbiologists Fear Nothing


Awkwardcore Compilation #1 (2011, Awkwardcore Records)

Features the track Girl with the Clipboard, which was an outtake from the Conchology album. The compilation also contains songs from The Capstan Shafts, Univox, Deerhoof, Dirtman, Fewn and others. Available to download from Bandcamp.

(2012, aReW Recordings)

Contains the instrumental track Night Embers (uneasy version), which was recorded with Rich Wilmer. It is available to download from the aReW Recordings website and the Internet Archive.

Swalaka - split tape with Halaka (2014, Phase Velocity)

First release on my Phase Velocity label. Halaka's side features the 32 minute schitziod genius of "Terminal Inside" as well as a beautiful hidden track. My side includes tracks influenced by punk, industrial, pysch-folk, ambient music and more. "Singer-songwriter" it ain't.

Side A - Halaka: Terminal Inside / Inhalation Near the Missing Door (hidden bonus track)

Side B - Simon Waldram: Revolt! / In a Fog / Black Mountain / In Rivers She Dreams  / Far Leys / Sungazing / Lost To Progress / Barren Landscapes / Ambien

Pile Records: Volume P - The Value Leader (2015, Pile Records)

Features the track Strange Skies, alongside stuff from Halaka, John P. Lyons, Zed Salt and more
. Available at Bandcamp.


Half Empty Sunshine Bottle (2004, demo CD)

Early demos recorded between 2003 and 2004 while at university. Only 20 or 30 CD-r's were made, although it was avaiable on the Internet Archive for a few years too. Skyway is a Replacements cover (written by Paul Westerberg) and Jenny is an American Music Club song (written by Mark Eitzel). I Might Have Been Born Here... contained music and dialog samples from the Mike Leigh film Meantime. 

 10 tracks, 27 minutes:
I Might Have Been Born Here, But I Sure As Hell Won't Die Here / Over-Arcturus / Lucy / Be / The Dog Who Was Visited By Aliens and Consequently Understood the True Nature of the Universe / Skyway / Black Hole / Jenny / Goodnight Lucia

Music Land by Music Madness (Ferensway, 2012)

Download for free from Bandcamp

3 tracks / 4 minutes:
Music Land / Go Crazy! / Like This

Music Madness were: Ellie, Kaleigh, Lucia, Mollie, Paige and Simon
Tracks 1 and 2 are from 2005, track 3 is from 2008


Appearances on other people's records

Dirtman - Land An Atom
(2011, Awkwardcore)
Lead guitar and backing vocals on the song The Apti-Toad





Dirtman - Fossilized!
3, Awkwardcore)
Keyboards on the song World Spear


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